Audition For Fall 2015

We are excited to announce that DeCadence A Cappella will be
holding auditions for all parts at the beginning of the Fall 2015 semester.

We’re looking for all parts (both male and female) and we invite anyone to audition.
Interested? Come check out our auditions page here.

Come To Events

August 28th – Welcome Back A Cappella Show!
Come see DeCadence and many other a cappella groups at Cal.
Hertz Hall at 7:00pm. Free. Arrive early to get seats!

August 29th – September 5th – Fall 2015 Auditions!
DeCadence will be holding auditions for this Fall 2015 semester.
Please check out our auditions page for more information.
We hope to see you there!

Meet the Crew

(click their faces to learn more)

Michael Siao

Veteran Member

Andre Adricula

Musical Prodigy

Justin Nguyen

Music Manager

Meital Avitan

Classical Aficionado

Lizzie Arnett

Music Manager

Ana Giancola

Internal Business Manager

Jay Sananvatananont

External Business Manager

Jin Park

Graphic Designer

Aubrianna Decker

Cape Master

Anna Nguyen

Tour Manager

Lenith Hernandez

Hipster Tenor

Thomas Jenssen

Norwegian Sheeran

This could be You


This could be You


This could be You


This could be You


Get in touch

If you have questions regarding auditions or about DeCadence in general, feel free to ask!.

If you are interested in booking our group, please include: date, time, location, requested attire and event information.

In the event that the form does not work, you may send all matters to Thanks!

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