About Us

DeCadence? DeCaDance? DeCàDince? What or who is that? DeCadence (“dee-KAY-dence”) is a student-run, co-ed a cappella group from UC Berkeley that loves to belt Top 40 hits, indie rock, jazz and much more. We’re all about singing, performing and having fun! Check out our latest album, “Just In Capes” on Spotify! And check us out on other social media platforms down below, as well as our YouTube channel!


News & Events

Videos from our Spring Show GreeKadence are now up on YouTube! You can watch them here:

Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel!

Auditions for Fall 2016 are coming up! Sign up for an audition slot here! Check out our auditions page for more! And Also RSVP to the facebook event here!

Our first Sproul performance will be next Wednesday, August 31st at noon below Sather Gate. We hope to see you all there!

Meet the Crew

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Justin Hom

The Cool Uncle

Jamie Gaskin

The Most Senior Junior

Lizzie Arnett

Cat Lady

Ana Giancola

“GianCoke Zero”

Aubrianna Decker

Master of the Arrangements

Anna Nguyen

Hipster Alto

Lenith Hernandez

Hipster Tenor

Konrad Matthaei

Italian Stallion

David Mai

Son of J-Hom

Yoon Sung Hong

Solman Yang

This Could be You


This Could be You


Get in touch

If you have questions regarding auditions or about DeCadence in general, feel free to ask!.

If you are interested in booking our group, please include: date, time, location, requested attire and event information. If you have special requests for songs, please look at our current repertoire and indicate which songs you would like to hear. Many of our songs require certain members to be present, so please understand if we cannot fulfill a request!

In the event that the form does not work, you may send all matters to decadence.berkeley@gmail.com. Thanks!

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