"Notes" from the Field

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Fall 2009 Recap!

After a whole summer and semester of no posts, the DeCadence blog is back!! We got a lot done this past semester, so here's a recap!

The Beginning

We started off the semester with a large number of gigs, as well as a search for new members! After a long and competitive day of callbacks, we emerged victorious with two new n00bs, soprano Gloria Kim and alto Christine Li! Both are ridiculously talented, and while they just got promoted from n00bdom, we're so glad to have to them singing with us.

Gigs, Gigs, Gigs

As always, our weekly Sprouls this semester have been a blast. Special thanks to everyone who's been showing up to watch us perform!

DeCadence performed alongside many of Berkeley's different a cappella ensembles in UCCE's Halloween Show, held in Dwinelle the Thursday before Halloween. It's traditional to dress up in a theme for the UCCE Halloween Show, so we showed up as Harry Potter characters!

Our 3 song set included:
Dr. Horrible Medley
Witches Ain't Fit (adjusted lyrics from our regular fare)
The Mysterious Ticking Noise, from Harry Potter Puppet Pals - newly arranged by Stacy!

Here's a couple videos:

This is Madness!! No, this is DeCadence Retreat!

After performing at Noteworthy's awesome Fall Show, DeCadence headed for the hills, across the bay to Stacy's home in Sebastopol. Sonoma County was beautiful, and an amazing getaway for us to learn lots of music, bond, choreography, and learn about how mean Annie Lee has the potential to be.

Lisa prepared a delicious pasta lunch and most of the group pitched in to cook custom pizzas for dinner while the Arrangement Committee worked on a couple new surprises we debuted during the semester.

Other retreat highlights included: hella bonding games, hot tubbing, an amazingly acoustically-tuned wine cave to sing in, hyperactive canine friends, multiple stops at In-N-Out, half the group getting sick and losing their voices, learning how to dog whistle, and jam seshing!

West Coast A Cappella Showcase

The weekend after we all got sick and lost our voices, our group performed in the Octet and Overtone's West Coast A Cappella Showcase, alongside plenty of Berkeley groups but also groups from UCLA, Oregon, USC, UCSC, Davis, and more.

We performed the following set:
Say Goodbye - solo: Gloria
Snow Patrol - solos: Mark, Annie
Boston Medley - solos: Max, Christine

Videos! We're really proud of how well we did at the show =) Yay!

DeCadence Fall 2009 Show:
Bite Me! ... high school has never bee
n this spine-tingling...

On December 3 and 4, we had our Fall Show, featuring a delicious mix of Mean Girls and Twilight. Opening acts included Spot the Octopus and Thursday and UCSC's Cloud 9 on Friday.

We all had a blast, and we hope everyone who came to the concert did, too!! Videos of a lot of the songs we performed are up on Youtube, so you should go check them out!!

The End.... of 2009!

After our concert, we wrapped up our semester by reworking DeCadence policy & officer positions, bonding by having a Zachary's dinner, performing at the Fall 2009 L&S Convocation, and most importantly, giving a proper send off to one of our members who is leaving the group in the Spring. We love you, Annie, and hope you come back soon!!!! <3 onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="http://photos-h.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc3/hs031.snc3/11863_882545165263_1238910_49210214_4397999_n.jpg">
See you all next semester!