"Notes" from the Field

Monday, May 25, 2009

Of all these Friends and Lovers...

So, I haven't really updated the BLOG, but no fear--an update is here.

What has happened in the past two months? So much!

First of all, we had auditions and have taken in six new members!
Hartlyn Haynes
Tom Griffin
Mark Lee
Lonie Kim
Melissa Green
Stacy Rutz


We had our variety show, UnCappella, which was a huge success. We thank all those who came out to support us and those who performed soooo much!

Finally, we had our concert! It was such a fun time. Some say our best yet! Thanks to everyone who made it a success, we really enjoyed ourselves!

So, this summer we're still doing some gigs, but mainly, we're busy in the DeCadence workshop working on new arrangements. We're psyched for the upcoming year and can't wait to share some more a Cappella music with y'all!

DeCadence Love,

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