"Notes" from the Field

Sunday, March 22, 2009

DeCadence: Road Trip...VRRRROOOM.

Hello Fans!

ICCA is over and we've had a few weeks to recuperate. We have bigger and better things to move on to--including new songs!

We had a great time preparing for ICCA's and love our new wardrobe. Thanks to everyone who supported us--fans and alumni alike. We love you all! Here are some pictures. We are also sad to see Chris Andersen go. We'll miss him on Sproul!

Right now, DeCadence is on the road in Los Angeles for Spring Tour. We just sang at The Grove in Hollywood and Venice Beach (we met some fairly interesting people there). We also had a concert with family and friends in Sun Valley where we made some good money, Yay! We're in Hermosa beach and are excited for more adventures. More updates and pictures to come!

Happy Spring Break!
DeCadence Love,

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